It’s important to find a family doctor who you can trust to keep you and your family healthy through the years. We take great joy in being a part of your pets’ lives from the first puppy or kitten visit through their senior years. We strive to give you the education necessary to make informed decisions about your pets’ care.

We have made a conscious decision to schedule longer appointments with you because we value a thorough examination and client education.

Physical Examination

We perform thorough examinations on your pets, allowing us to detect clinical issues early. For all annual appointments, your pets’ report cards and recommendations will be discussed in detail with you.

Pediatric Wellness Care

The addition of a puppy, kitten, or other baby animal to your home is very exciting, but with it comes many questions. We spend time with you during your pediatric visits to address your questions about training, nutrition, preventative care, surgery, and vaccines.

Senior Wellness Care

We understand that as your family members reach senior and geriatric ages, their needs change. We offer senior wellness testing, as well as complete diagnostic and therapeutic care for these patients. In addition, we have a strong focus on pain management for those suffering from arthritis and other chronic conditions.


Vaccination trends are gradually changing in veterinary medicine. We believe it is important to perform a risk assessment and provide you with information that will allow us to make decisions together regarding a vaccination protocol that is most appropriate for your pet.

Parasite Prevention

It is essential that you understand the risks of heartworm disease, fleas, intestinal parasites, and tick-borne diseases. We offer Heartgard Plus, Tri-Heart Plus, Frontline Gold, Nexgard, Revolution, and other products to prevent these diseases in your pets. We have made an effort to make our prices competitive with online pharmacies so that you can affordably purchase products with quality assurance.


We recommend the AVID microchip for your dog or cat. Microchips are placed beneath the skin between the shoulder blades. If your pet is lost, a microchip may help to guide their safe return home.