The longest night of the year gives us an opportunity to both embrace the return of light to our days and also to reflect on the feelings that are easier to feel in the dark. We have chosen the time around the solstice as a period to remember and honor the pets that have been a part of our lives and have passed away. We hope that, even while the pain of their memories can feel overwhelming, you can feel warmth from your pets’ continued presence in your stories, the occasional stray fur caught in the fabric of the couch, or the photos of your pets by your side.

We gathered on the 16th to share some of our stories and memories of our departed friends. If you would like to view the slideshow that we created, you can access it here.

This year’s program of readings is available below. Special thanks to St. Francis client Gayle Marsh for sharing the piece she wrote and to St. Francis Veterinary Assistant Debranique Pitter for sharing her poem dedicated to her recently departed dog, Sarah Speed:

Memorial Program 2022

Thank you to everyone who gathered together to help us remember our special animal family members.