St Francis Animal Hospital 

Our Services

Preventative Care

It’s important to find a family doctor who you can trust to keep you and your family healthy through the years. We take great joy in being a part of your pets’ lives from the first puppy or 

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General Medicine

While prevention is our first goal, we all know that our pets can get hurt or sick. Because we are a complete, full-service veterinary hospital, we offer not only preventative services for 

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Anesthesia, Surgery, Dentistry,

We know that having a pet undergo anesthesia creates some anxiety for their humans. At St Francis, we feel confident that we provide the most 

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Hospice & Palliative Care

Hospice and palliative care generally refers to care provided to patients after a diagnosis of a terminal or incurable illness.  The goal of hospice and palliative

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Euthanasia Services

We know how difficult it is to say goodbye to a loved one. When the time approaches for your pet to transition from this life, our team of compassionate 

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Integrative Services

St. Francis Animal Hospital is unique in the community. We strive to provide comprehensive care for our patients. In addition to our state-of-the-art traditional veterinary care

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Exotic Pets

Exotic companion mammals (which includes rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, mice, hedgehogs, and sugar gliders) are quickly growing in popularity, and they need vet care

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Medical Imaging

We take pride in performing exceptional digital radiography at St Francis. All of our radiographs are reviewed by a board-certified radiologist, a service that is unique to just a 

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Laboratory Diagnostics

We offer complete laboratory diagnostic services provided through Idexx and Marshfield Laboratories, as well as a number of avian and exotic laboratories. We 

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We stock a comprehensive veterinary pharmacy so we can provide you with the appropriate medication for your pet. We can also have medications compounded into 

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Laser Therapy

Laser therapy uses specific wavelengths of light to induce a therapeutic effect in the body. In general, laser therapy is used to reduce pain, reduce inflammation,  increase  

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Behavioral Consultation

We discuss basic behavioral issues with you such as obedience training, housetraining, and socialization, as well as advanced issues such 

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Emergency Services

Our primary goal is to always provide the very best care for our patients.  While we make every effort to accomodate same-day urgent care visits 

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Everything was amazing as always here!

Employees are always very friendly and polite. They were very efficient with the appointment and the social distancing guidelines were well laid out and easy to follow. Definitely recommend this location for Vet services!

Kirsten Wilson, Google Review

The curbside service was so convenient, I don’t think you could’ve made my visit any better!

This is the only veterinarian hospital we’ve ever taken our dog to. They have been caring for him since he was weaned. The staff is professional, responsive, and caring. I highly recommend them.

Vicky Fleming, Google Review

Our 2 dogs and 2 rabbits all go to St. Francis Animal Hospital.

All of the doctors and nurses there are very knowledgeable and well-educated. They are always helpful, kind, caring, compassionate, and always smiling. The new curb-side appointments are yet another example of how well they work. Thank you all so very, very much!

Shelley Markley, Google Review