Abigail Marie

I lost my dear Abigail to liver cancer. How she loved to play. Her fav toy was a pink latex pig named pigger!….All I had to say was “Where’s Pigger”?……off she would go to find him. She loved hiding him under stuff, behind stuff, inside stuff…..How she loved him and went thru many of him in her 13 1/2 years. How I love her and she me. We have a bond that not even death can break. She was a perfect lil mix of sassy and sweet and if she wasn’t happy I knew it. I so miss my lil cuddle bug and always will. She always was doing something, talking or playing…..always busy she was. I promised her that 
I will miss and love her every day for the rest of my life. Till then she is safe up in heaven in her Grandma’s arms to be watched over till I get up there. Run free my girl till we meet again. Kisses to heaven from your Momma and baby sis Lily******