A little over 17 years ago a stray kitten with eye ulcers, frost bit ears, and a giant heart came into my clinic.  I knew instantly that he would come home with me. Today we had to say goodbye him.  Angus was a cat of many names; B, Boo Bear, Berry, Boo Berry and Boo Boo Fluffy Pants.  He was a cat that everyone loved and he loved to be the center of attention to get all the love. He loved getting the back of his neck scratched and would press his forehead to you to let you know.  He hated nose boops.  He adored eating and greeted me at the door every day to remind me.  He was an expressive cat that could make the grumpiest little face. For most of his years he had a luxurious coat and an amazing pair of fluffy pants. He loved sitting on the deck or a windowsill and feeling the wind blow on his face. He enjoyed a good box (any box, any size really). He was always excited when the Christmas tree went up and would spend the next month napping underneath.  He was always patient with girls as they grew and learned how to appropriately cuddle a cat. He loved napping with Chad in the sun in the afternoons and every night he managed to squeeze himself into the space between my pillow and the edge of the bed. He was bonded to me and I to him.  He has always been here and our home feels a bit empty without him.