behavioral consultation - St. Francis Animal HospitalWe discuss basic behavioral issues with you such as obedience training, housetraining, and socialization, as well as advanced issues such as inappropriate litter box habits, noise phobias, and separation anxiety.

Many of our behavioral consultations are scheduled for an extensive one-hour consultation. This allows our veterinarians to have adequate time to obtain an accurate, thorough history, perform a physical examination, perform appropriate diagnostic testing, and provide you with training and behavioral management recommendations for your pet.

For canine aggression or other advanced behavioral cases, we offer referrals to a veterinary behavioral specialist.

Dr. Margaret Duxbury, DVM, DACVB
Veterinary Behavior Specialties of Minnesota
(612) 554-1182

Dr. Terri A. Derr, DVM
Veterinary Behavior Options
(612) 360-7227