Tobias Matthew

Tobias Matthew, also known as Toby, came to St. Francis in November of 2007. After several urinary tract obstructions, we performed a perineal urethrostomy, a special surgery that involved removing a portion of his urethra. He now eats a prescription food and requires regular rechecks, but has not had an obstruction since 2007.

Toby lived at St. Francis Animal Hospital for many years, serving as our clinic mascot and doing important jobs like greeting clients, providing pilling demonstrations, and lounging in the sun in the lobby. Outside of his work tasks, his hobbies included playing with his favorite toy mouse, eating catnip, crawling into the cabinets, and sleeping in the sun. Last year, he officially retired and resides with our veterinary technician, Kelly, and her husband, Tim.

We recently reached out to find out what retired life is like for Toby.

“Life in retirement is where it is at! My humans are sure spoiling me. I have more toys and cat nip than I know what to do with. At night, I race around and enjoy playing with them all. Some of my favorite things to do are watching wildlife from the windows and hanging out by the fireplace. My life sure has changed. As much as I loved my life at St Francis, I do love being retired. I have even turned into a lap cat and love to be snuggled.”

To follow Toby’s adventures, visit his Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/stfrancisabh/.