Our Vision

St. Francis Animal Hospital has been part of the Roseville community since 1992.  It was founded as a small family business, out of a garage, with a distinctive vision about what the practice of veterinary medicine should be.  The vision was powerful, and since those early days, St. Francis has continued to grow and thrive in the community.

Our vision remains strong.  We make a commitment each and every day to create a unique experience for our clients, to exceed expectations, and to strive for excellence.  On the outside, we may be a small neighborhood clinic packaged in a tiny building, but on the inside, we are creating a legacy.  Above all, we specialize in relationships.  We serve as an extension of our clients’ families, creating unique relationships with each individual, providing an environment of mutual trust and respect, and providing compassionate care for our patients as if they were our own family members.

Education is fundamental to St. Francis.  We are dedicated to providing individualized attention and sharing our knowledge with our clients, so that together, we can work as a team to provide exceptional care for our patients.  We provide the tools that our clients need to make careful and informed medical decisions for their pets.  In addition, we are committed to both continual learning for our veterinary team and being at the forefront of providing mentorship and training to the students of our community. 

We aim to continue our efforts to create an organizational framework within our practice to train and evaluate our team members, to establish procedures and protocols, and to measure our performance in all areas.  We make a pledge to provide the leadership necessary to elevate our practice to a place of excellence.

At St. Francis Animal Hospital, we are defined by our devotion to relationships, education, and leadership.  Together, our values of compassion, dedication, respect, and integrity provide the foundation that underlies the strong reputation of quality and excellence that we have enjoyed for years and envision for years to come.