Abigail Marie

Posted by Christine Witzany

I lost my dear Abigail to liver cancer. How she loved to play. Her fav toy was a pink latex pig named pigger!....All I had to say was "Where's Pigger"?......off she would go to find him. She loved ...


Posted by Molly Moy

A little over 17 years ago a stray kitten with eye ulcers, frost bit ears, and a giant heart came into my clinic.  I knew instantly that he would come home with me. Today we had to...


Posted by Schoenecker

Dori was our "naughty little girl" we miss you getting into everything. Our multiple emergency vet visits. Your snuggles and kisses. Your sister Sophie misses you too. 

Danielle Marie

Posted by Christine Witzany

Danielle was always my special needs girl with Epilepsy, Cushing's Disease, Heart murmer and what I lost her to....Congestive Heart Failure. Oh how she loved life tho....My lil brave girl.....Alway...


Posted by John Bertie

We really don’t know Max’s background, except that he was a rescue given as a gift, that wasn’t wanted. So, Max came on a visit to us and we never gave him back. He was a wonderful little dog...


Posted by Jeanne

One of the strangest dogs God ever put on earth . . . sweet, a bit crazy, my special needs baby girl.  


Posted by Sandra

Mazzie gave meaning to the words "good boy". He was a loyal, spirited companion, and we miss him daily.


Posted by Carrie, Nick & Darla

Iggy was the best cuddler, camper and fishing buddy ever.  She loved life and was always excited for her next adventure.  We're so glad we had so many years together with her.  Her l...


Posted by Bernadette Mahan


One day a puppy came into my life and I named him FIZZ.  He was everything I could have asked for in a pet.  He loved everyone and everything.  He didn'...


Posted by Joanne Petro

Bodie was my constant companion and agility partner. I miss his smile every day.


Posted by Ralee Riesenberg

Paddington was the best, sweetest guinea pig ever. He filled my home with his loving little spirit. I miss him everyday. 


Posted by The Moy Family

On June 8th, 2017 we had to say goodbye to our little old lady, Pinky. She was our sweet little dil...


Posted by Jennifer Blair



Posted by The Ibister Family

Dixie found her way to us from a shelter in Kentucky, and once she joined our family, our lives were never the same. We miss her every day.


Posted by Heidi Kostelac

Our sweet Miss Molly...was a feisty, strong willed loving little girl who gave us 19 years of memories to comfort us now.   It was time for you to cross over and find your strength and playful...

Julie the Briard

Posted by Karen Koeper

Lily Anna Belle

Posted by Joe and Sarah Murphy

We have so many wonderful memories of our sweet Lily.  She was an amazing companion and hunting dog.  She will be missed.  We appreciate all of the support and care that St. Francis ...


Posted by Pat Lynch

Had to let my sweet Priscilla go. The lymphoma was too much for her little body. In the last week it just spread like crazy all over her skin. the doctors had never seen anything like that. Then on...


Posted by Ann R.

Dear CoCo,

You were the kindest, sweetest, most wonderful dog ever.  We miss you very, very much.  We hope you are running around and eating lots of treats in doggie heaven.



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Soul of gold!